Mia Kleve has been a vital part of my journey to being a published author. As a proof reader, developmental editor, and line editor, she rates among the best I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last decade. She is a vitally important member of my team. Under her watchful and critical eye, more than a dozen novels of mine have become reality. Mia Kleve has the highest possible recommendation I could possibly give.

~Kevin Ikenberry, author of the bestselling science fiction novels Sleeper Protocol, Peacemaker, and Deathangel.

MRK’d Up Editing is the real deal. Line editing was spot on. The intelligent and thoughtful commentary shaped my writing in the most positive of ways. Didn’t expect that. Promised deadlines were always met. Didn’t expect that either. What I got back went way beyond my expectations!

~Bill Cherf, author of The Lictor of Magic and I Am the Storm.

Mia was an excellent professional to work with for beta-reading and workshopping feedback for my novel. The service was prompt and affordable, and her commentary was insightful.

~Mike Jack Stoumbos

As a new writer in the business I was anxious to get the very best editing I could. I wanted to put my best foot forward as a fantasy writer and I wanted to learn. Mia didn’t disappoint. The first story she edited she did a developmental edit. She surprised me with her breadth of knowledge in my subject (Vikings) as well as her knowledge of the fantasy genre. She showed me how I could improve the story and my writing in general. She is thorough and impressively well-informed on a variety of topics as well as an excellent editor. She’s professional, fast, and kind.

~Carolyn Stein

Mia is not only easy to work with, but also professional and patient. She will work as closely or distant as the author needs, and is always available for follow-up and very fast to respond. Your work will be better for it, and I highly recommend her services!

~Ramón Terrell

I’ve pre-contracted Mia Kleve to line-edit my third Novel. She’d line-edited my first two, which should tell you everything you need to know.

Okay, a little more info: My first several editors had a meltdown with my themes and characters. The result was they spent developmental/line editing time ignoring basic issues with my story’s structure and filled the pages with grammar mark-ups. As you know, said Bob, grammar/spelling/punctuation is the last thing you obsess on after you have a coherent story on paper. Until then you are correcting text that may be deleted anyway.

In each of my novels, Mia capably wrestled theme/character/story arcs, showed me what was redundant, what made no sense, what had to be moved, and what was missing. I believe that an editor who isn’t mean is a waste of time, but also all the meanness must have actionable suggestions. Mia more than fits the bill.

~Terry Gene, author of Causality is Optional and Causality Rebound