Author Resources

Here are some resources and links that might be useful to any author.


One of my favorite guides is The Penguin Guide to Punctuation. Its short and simple explanations on how to utilize punctuation is fantastic.

There are numerous posts on this page that can help you with punctuation; when to use it, how it should be used, etc.
Learn about punctuation in fiction – Louise Harnby | Fiction Editor & Proofreader (


This specific blog post explains how to indicate and punctuate dialogue.

Standard Manuscript Format

When you are submitting a manuscript to a publisher or for an anthology the editor is going to give you specific requirements so that your manuscript will even be considered. If there are no specific requirements listed or you aren’t sure what the Standard Manuscript Format is, you should use the Shunn Format. William Shunn has based this format on what publishers and publications have used for decades.

Also take a few minutes to check out the other information on that website. There’s a lot of great explanations and information that can help you.

Tax Forms

If you are paying for editing (or any other) services and spend over $600 in a year, you need to provide a 1099-MISC form to your vendors. The PDF form includes instructions on how to fill it out.